Ester SaludoMs. Ester Saludo

Direct line: 63 (043) 702-3193/757-3932

Functional Statement:

Take charge in the formulation of programs and policies on community development through social, political, economic and cultural transformations and provides
technical assistance to the Chief Executive in the implementation of such: promotes city goverment programs and projects toward social and/or community development
and mobilization; administers public affairs and assistance functions to disseminate relative information; provides technical assistance to barangay officials.
Liga ng mga barangay, Liga ng mga Kagawad, sectoral groups, and other committess created relative to all Lipa City government affairs; spearheads the conduct of
cultural, sports and youth oriented activities, provides training and capability building activities, to barangay officials and functionaries toward efficient
barangay governance; conducts monitoring and evaluation of various programs and activities, exercises and other powers and performs other duties and functions as
maybe prescribe by law or ordinances.


1. formulate plans and policies relative to community development and provide assistance to the City Chief Executive in the implementation of such:
2. Recommend for the enactment of lawsand ordinances that provide for the efficient effective delivery basic services.
3. Conduct, monitor and evaluate capability-building programs for barangay functionaries.
4. Facilitate employment assistance to job seekers and keep data bank of jobseekers and employment providers.
5. Initiate various sports and cultural activities for the general youth.
6. Provide secretariat services to Liga ng mga Barangay, Liga ng mga Kabataan, Liga ng mga Kagawad ng Sangguiang Barangay, Federation of Barangay Tanods, and other
committees created relative to all important city government affairs.