Hon. Meynardo A. Sabili

City Mayor

The honorable Meynardo A. Sabili is a true blooded Batangueno, won the hearts of the Lipenos by a margin of 6,463 votes over the incumbent mayor in the May 2010 elections. His desire to run for the mayoralty post was prompted by his sincerely desire to serve and by the strong clamor for change by the Lipenos. His Lipeno friends found him to be him to be the most eligible candidate tp bring that change in the city.

Before he became the Mayor of Lipa, he is a self made man. He is a successful businessman. His business affiliations include being the Chairman of the Sabili Hospital, President of the Mas Custom Brokage Corp., President of the Mas International Consolidators, President of the Sabili Gloves Manufacturing, Inc. Vice President of the HAZAMA Corporation in tokyo, Japan and consultant of the HAAZAMA TAIZE NIPPON STEEL in Japan. People would tell of his riches.

Despite to the success in business, his educational background seems to leas him to the realm of public service. He took up Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in the University of Santo Tomas, Bachelor of Laws in Ateneo de Manila, and some units of Masters of Law in UST.

The political arena is not new to him. He was a two term Provincial Board Member (Bokal) of the 4th District of Batangas from 1995-1998 and 1998-2001.

He continues to heed the call for public service in the election years that followed, but were not quite as lucky. Nonetheless, nine years after his last electoral position, a sweeter glory awaited to be of service. It was an unexpected victory to many and a surprise to his rival. This time nothing can stop him. Even the disqualification case was filed against him. Fifty-three percent (53%) of the Lipeno voters casted their votes for him, a loud cry for change that only their pens and ballots heard. He is now the true and only Mayor of Lipa CIty.