The present administration continued the livelihood and cooperative training programs to inculcate entrepreneurial skills for locals. Continuous job fairs were held in cooperation with the private sector, where 967workers were hired during the year. The City Government conducted training seminars such as peanut processing demo, fabric conditioner making, chayote, chutney making demo, soya processing demo,etc. to help the Lipeños increase their income. Likewise, a Cooperative Microfinance Program was established which provided capital loan assistance to Lipeños ranging from P2,000.00 to P20, 000.00.

In the desire to provide employment oppotunities and alternative sources of income, the Lipa City Center for training and
Development, a TESDA accredited courses for those who do not immediately hired locally and abroad.It was also awarded as an
Outstanding Partner of TESDA for having the most number of passers in the National Certification.He also provided livelihood
trainings and interest free loan assistance to individuals and cooperatives operating in the city.Under the Livelihood
Assitance Program, more than P5,000 small scale entrepeneurs were provided with a P2,000 to P20,000 capital assistance
while 10 cooperatives were currently enrolled under the Cooperative Loan Assistance Program.More individuals and organized
group were also given sustainanable livelihood assistance through the P12.5M BUB Fund from the DILG.
September 5,2014 was indeed a significant day for the Kumikitang Sakahan (KUSA) farmers as they officially started their so called
“Market Day” at the City Hall lobby.KUSA, a project initiated by the National Livelihood Development Corporation,Tuy Multi-purpose
Cooperative and the City Government of Lipa through Mayor Meynardo A.Sabili,aims to give local farmers a chance to increase their income
through agro-enterprise development and market linkages with the suport coming from microfinance institutions and the city government.
To date there are 3 agro-enterprise sites being maintained by the 98 member farmers.Fresh produce gathered from these sites are now being
supplied to the city’s public market,City Hall and Fiesta Mall.They were also able to enter into a contract with big institution buyers
such as EPSON, a local establishment with more than 13,000 employees,Midas Hotel Mountaineers Trading in Metro Manila.