As the City’s economy becomes more vibrant, the Mayor wants to keep the peace and security that its people
enjoy. He has requested additional police personnel to increase police visibility in order to pre-empt any unlawful attempts. Furthermore, Traffic Management Operation Training Seminars were conducted for the City’s traffic enforcers to better equip them with sufficient knowledge on traffic rules and regulations. More traffic aides were dispersed to congested places which experience heavy traffic every day. With the help of Department of Public Works and Highways(DPWH) more U-turn slots were installed to help lessen heavy traffics in intersections.

And Because Mayor Sabili is a tough and fearless man, yet he wanted to see his people live a peaceful and meaningful life.Together with the gallant men in uniform of
the PNP-Lipa,he waged war against prepetrators of crime in the city.He also encouraged the Lipenos to be viligant and to always keep a watchful eye.
He launched the Isumbong Mo Kay Mayor Campaign,where the residents can directly report to him any malicious acitivities in their areas,particularly those
involving the use of illegal drugs.Task Force Kontra Droga was established last February 2015 to lead the advocacy campaign against the proliferation of
dangerous drugs in the city.This group was tasked to conduct drug awareness campaigns, random drug testing of personnel from various establishments,raids
and buy bust operations at the barangays and other suspected drug establishments.They have established close coordination with the barangays through barangay
intelligence networking and worked closely with the PDEA Regional Office.As a result,419 grams of suspected shabu and 18 grams of marijuana were confiscated
and 20 drugs pushers were charged.

Bahay ni Kuya has been providing temporary shelter to victims of illegal drugs for almost 4 years now.As of august 2015,18 residents were rehabilitated
and are now back into their families while 82 are still undergoing rehabilitation.Inside the center,they are being subjected to skills and spiritual development
and livelihood trainings.

To lower crime incidence,a 10-man Special Weapons Arm Tactic(SWAT) group was formed and trained to enhance their tactical skills in combatting potential threats and
in handling special weapons and building crisis hostage scenario.The city also provided the PNP with the much needed logistical support necessary fo their operations.
In 2015,the city was able to post an 84.61% crime clearance effeciency rating,higher than that of the previous year with 80.87%.